July 31, 2012

today i have done this

1. used my alarm to wake up at 10 am, stayed up for 1/2 an hour then went back to sleep until 1 pm
2. did a workout on the stationary bike, discussed gym options with parents (they've agreed to fund 1 month gym membership before i can use the gym at umd)
3. went to get froyo at the mall with caroline hehe
4. got back to find a giant spider running along the side of my mom's car in the garage, called my parents on their home phone to come out and help me deal with it, dad 'raided' it until it died, here's a photo pretty sure it was a wolf spider and not a deadly brown recluse but i was pretty scared

5. definitely the biggest spider i've ever seen in a natural setting
6. when i called my mom thought i was being attacked by an intruder because on sunday night 8 garages in my neighborhood were vandalized and all i said on the phone was 'come outside' repeatedly
7. worked for a few hours straight on my thesis (!!)
8. skyped/skyping jackson currently

9. ate/drank:
   - leftover thai food (tofu and veges, sweet chili sauce) with brown rice
   - homemade guacamole with tortilla chips
   - 1 can diet cherry coke
   - 2 bottles water
   - froyo (sweet coconut and raspberry, with blueberries, kiwi, strawberries and crushed reese's peanut butter cups)
   - hot pretzel with honey mustard
   - 1 glass white grape juice
   - 'heart to heart' kashi crackers with smoked cheddar
   - 1 glass apple juice

10. read:
   - finished 'chelsea chelsea bang bang' by chelsea handler before falling asleep last night
   - also the write up about frank ocean in the new yorker
   - and part of the article on fairy tales
   - and some other shit (guess it took me a while to get to sleep)
   - gabby gabby's blog post about getting a biopsy

11. listened to:
   - 'ryan seacrest' by lil b
   - how to dress well 'top tracks' youtube playlist
   - 'workout' playlist on youtube
   - various rap radio stations to/from caroline's house including first time hearing 'diced pineapple' by rick ross (feat. wale and drake)

12. watched:
   - ~4 hrs olympics coverage
   - 1 episode sex and the city (season 5)
   - day 1 of meghan lamb's 30 days 30 dances

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