July 22, 2012

today i have done this

1. didn't wake up at 3 pm today, so that was good
2. woke up around noon, sat in bed for a while doing internet things
3. made myself lunch
4. went to 'bed, bath and beyond', bought some shoe racks, used coupons
5. did a quick workout on the treadmill, getting faster/easier to go farther which is nice
6. also have been remembering to stretch before so that helps, not getting tight muscles
7. went out to dinner with my parents to this place up the street where we were the only people in the dining area, i think they were about to close for the night. a man about 25-30 yrs old (not our server) came out from the back and chatted with my parents for a long time, talking about the dark knight rises and popcorn and choc milk, shook my dad's hand at the beginning and end
8. they're friends i guess
9. he had a very long ponytail and a beard
10. he looked at me a lot and engaged me in the conversation, he was nice i guess, i felt itchy
11. today was jackson's first day of class :)

12. read
   - various things from ken baumann's list of published work, including an excerpt of solip on everyday genius (2009)
   - started no, not today by jordan stempleman

13. watched
   - momsbangteens.com (various)
   - 2 episodes frasier

14. ate/drank
   - 1 glass apple juice
   - orzo with tomato, basil and mozzarella
   - banana with nutella
   - 2 bottles water
   - 1 1/2 glasses diet coke
   - 3 spring rolls
   - greek salad
   - 2 scoops frozen yogurt (neapolitan, with fresh strawberries and peanut butter)

15. gonna skype jackson now

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