July 16, 2012

today i have done this

1. woke up with real puffy eyes, like almost puffed closed. seemed odd in the mirror because i could see fine. put on cold compress for ~30 min.
2. got dressed and came downstairs, talked to dad (see quote by him on facebook if we are friends)
3. went to 'dunch' (lunch and dinner combined) with jen (real good person, been friends since we were 11)
4. looked at new submissions for UP (real exciting stuff you guys!)
5. sat on the couch with my computer while my parents watched tv, doing internet things

(girl look at that body)

6. chatted:
- jackson nieuwland
- walter mackey
- mike bushnell
- jacob steinberg

7. ate/drank:
- 1 glass pink lemonade
- 2 'big' glasses water
- edamame
- one veggie hand roll (cucumber, mushroom, bean)
- one garden roll (sweet potato, avocado, cucumber with tempura flakes)
- frozen yogurt (sweet coconut and plain tart with kiwi, strawberry, choc chips)
- 1 'small' glass milk
- red velvet cupcake

8. things i plan to do:
- look thru drawers, sort old clothes for selling and giving to goodwill
- work on current art project
- skype jackson

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