July 17, 2012

today i have done this

1. woke up at noon again
2. mom came in, agreed to have leftovers with her and dad for lunch. watched tv, probably family feud, while we did this, kind of zoned out
3. did a workout. 35 min on treadmill, alternating running with walking (getting 'back into it') and 25 min stretching and stuff like crunches
4. took me probably as long to find my workout clothes via not being fully unpacked from moving as the workout
5. had a shower. seemed like a very relaxing shower because i had it all to myself hehe (didn't start 'hardcore' missing jackson until preparing dinner today)
6. did some work on my art/cartoon project
7. made dinner for my family, tweeted a photo of the guacamole i made (notable: i have never made any before, just threw things together in the mortar & pestle, seems like it turned out pretty well)
8. skyped jackson (this is currently ongoing)

9. read:
- first page of junot diaz's story in the new yorker

10. ate/drank:
- 2 cans diet cherry coke
- medium lunch portion baked ziti
- rest of leftover greek salad
- 1 breadstick
- 2 bottles of water
- 1 indiv. pack trail mix
- 1 1/2 small burritos (vegetarian refried beans, sauteed red onion, wheat tortilla)
- handful tortilla chips
- 2-3 tablespoons guacamole
- 2 scoops chocolate frozen yogurt with 1 handful each strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

11. nobody chatted me today, but i had some 'interactions' on twitter

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