August 1, 2012

of note: 8/1/2012

1. i think 'call me maybe' is the world's most effective anti-depressant
2. found an old student's tumblr from last summer, feel 100% certain that if she had come to my office to talk to me about odd future and kreayshawn (incl. in her reblogs on tumblr) and not to cry about the unfairness of her B+ grade i would have given her an A
3. every time i hear 'cashin out' by cash out i just want 2 chainz to do a remix
4. seems like sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band is a really influential text for the novella i'm writing, 'a day in the life' in particular
5. was issued a parking ticket in washington, dc* today by an officer who says she witnessed my car at 4:48 pm, seems difficult since i didn't park there until 5:26 pm (text message to jackson telling him i just parked seems bloody brilliant in retrospect)
* no, dad, i don't miss living there

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