August 3, 2012

of note: 8/3/2012

1. when i agreed to go to dinner with parents tonight, mom suggested i come 'dressed like that' i asked 'in my pajamas with no bra?' and she said 'no, i guess not'
2. at dinner, dad said 'jackson should play basketball with that body' (as if this is revolutionary, and also knowing jackson's history with the sport), i said 'he did play basketball', he said 'no, i mean, he still should', gave him my best 'fuck you' face
3. think i have spoken a maximum of 50 words today
4. calmly staring out the window over the roof watching the sun disappear through the trees in the backyard while i work
5. another influence for the novella i'm at work on has been the vashti bunyan album 'some things just stick in your mind', don't feel these influences consciously as i write but on a more subconscious level when i hear them after having spent the past two years with it

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