August 8, 2012

of note: 8/7/2012

1. no matter how early i wake up, my parents will always have been awake for at least five hours before me
2. feel like i want to 'break into' the farmers market 'scene'
3. dad, overheard talking to the tv: "'Positivity', hah. Is that even a word? 'Positivity'." (asked him later if he was being serious, he said "Yeah! I've heard of positive, I've heard of positively. What in the world is positivity?")
4. i think the positivity(lol)/negativity of my gym experience is in direct proportion to how few/many people are also in the gym, with 0 other people being optimum for pleasure
5. a real life example of what jackson and i fight about: 'you have such a good face' 'it's not as good as your face' 'yours is better' 'yours is' 'you have the best face' 'you have the cutest face' 'you have the prettiest face' 'you have the cutest pretty face' 'you have the prettiest cute face'

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