August 2, 2012

of note: 8/2/2012

1. dropped off 8 large black trash bags to goodwill today full of old clothes/shoes that had accumulated in my parents' house from my teen years, felt nothing
2. told jackson i have a crush on nathan adrian, he said 'damn'
3. top 10 movies i have seen for the first time so far this year: drive, moonrise kingdom, norwegian wood, antichrist, dancer in the dark, shame, grindhouse: death proof, martha marcy may marlene, blue valentine, to rome with love
4. during olympic swimming the 'take your marks... beep' at the start of each race still makes my palms sweat as if i'm in it (even though i haven't swam competitively in 6 years now, and real talk i never got anywhere close to olympic times)
5. did a little cry watching gabby douglas do her last routine before winning gold, keep thinking 'the gabbies are killing it this year' and 'she's the gabby gabby of the sports world'

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