November 25, 2011

thanksgiving feast

yesterday on thanksgiving i woke up with a hangover.

on wednesday night, i went to a friend's house and drank vodka and then went out in towson, md and had a surprisingly pleasant time via being buzzed already. i grew up around towson and went to high school in towson and so every year when i come back to towson for thanksgiving and christmas i see an assortment of folks i knew from ages 5-11, 11-14, 14-18, or some combination of the above. it can be real disheartening, but i just happened to run into pretty much only friendly/attentive folks on wednesday night that ended up getting me real drunk. cut to not quite sure how i got here but i've got a finger down my throat or something and i'm doing a vomit into the grass in front of my friend's jeep outside a mcdonalds.

i took photos of two of my friends occupying the same coat

oh right, i remember. this was after the friend i came with went home with a boy she goes home with after each of these events and i decided i would drive myself home to skype with my boyfriend. things i did to sober up: 1) threw up because i felt 'too nauseous to drive' 2) asked my friend to get me a big container of fries from mcdonalds and then ate them all on the ride to my car to avoid more nausea 3) drank a big glass of water at my friend's house (where my car was) and 4) decided 'it's now or never!' and charged out of her house with all of the things i'd brought with me to spend the night (e.g. pillow, spare clothes, toothbrush) without looking back.

the drive home was a little difficult because of new 'rumble strips' the county has installed on the double yellow lines that divide the roads in half and me feeling determined to ride on them. at home, my mother greeted me at the door (it was at least 3 am) and i asked for a plate of salad and some water and ate them real fast and then told her to wake me before noon (?) and went upstairs to skype. on skype my boyfriend told me i was still drunk, which really surprised me.

on thanksgiving i woke up, gulped down a couple advils, and went about my day successfully making the 'vegetable side' of peas (which were a hit), peeling 7-8 potatoes, helping mom with vege gravy for myself and generally adding to the festive mood of the day. some relatives came over for dinner and then i surprised myself and them by putting most of the food into storage containers and then taking over for my dad after he got tired doing the dishes and finishing them all up before dessert. dessert is the same every year, a pumpkin pie and and apple pie for which i've done the crust (plus the apple filling this year, with help from dad) and my mom's done the filling. i am a pie crust expert and i achieved this level of expertise at age 7. i did experiments with the crust recipes until it did what i wanted and now i do the exact same thing for it every year and it always turns out magnificently. everyone always exclaims how wonderfully the pies turned out but in my opinion they always taste the same, so i wonder if they get bored. my aunt used to make a pecan pie but i think my mom discouraged her from it or something. she can be bossy. i remember it being really tasty. maybe i'll try to do one of those for next year.

after dinner i was supposed to go to my friend's house but the relatives stayed late so i read all of shoplifting from american apparel instead and was disappointed by how unsuccessful sam's shoplifting experiences were. and disappointed by the book in general. did a goodreads review of it that said 'felt cheap' and gave it 2/5 stars. tried to skype my boyfriend but fell asleep (oops). happy thanksgiving everybody.

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