November 8, 2011

doin a blog, ok?

i'm gonna blog also. are you surprised?

i used to do it a lot last spring, and even at the beginning of the summer. then i got 'busy'. but really, it's like watering a plant or masturbating or fitness. you have to just keep going at it. um yea.

reasons a future surge in blog posts here might be lame:
-it doesn't have a fun theme
-i have no real goals
-i might talk about things like feelings
-i might talk about things that happen to me during the day

photo i took on my roofdeck today:

this past sunday, my oldest friend (meaning i've been pretty consistently friends with her for 18 years, and not that she's the oldest person i know because she's not, she's 22) spent the night at my apartment primarily because she was going to the supreme court on monday morning and i live in washington, dc. my friend is in law school. i like to think she also spent the night to do things like 'catch up' and 'cuddle'. 

an assortment of things my friend said to me while she was here:
-when we went to the coffee shop i always go to and the cashier cursed at another employee she said 'i can see why you like it here'
-in reaction to me fixing my hair, she said 'if i had a nickle for every time you've fixed your hair today' and she told me i wouldn't have to keep fixing it if i didn't 'wear it like an 80s person'
-i told her i fell down on the sidewalk the other day from tripping on cobblestones. when we got to the spot where i fell, i said 'that's where i fell' and pointed at the ground. she said 'where are the cobblestones?'
-after the ravens scored their winning touchdown she waved my purple hair dryer in the air really excitedly while also making 'proud fan' noises (i guess that's not really talking)
-compared joanna newsom's voice to a 'fly buzzing around the room'

an assortment of the topics we discussed while she was here:
-accidental death
-freak death (e.g. decapitation, trash chutes)
-homicide court cases
-people we know who've died

an assortment of songs i listened to while doing work at the coffee shop:
-wuthering heights, kate bush
-the majority of We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves by john maus, highlights include cop killer and matter of fact
-peach plum pear, joanna newsom
i guess that's it.

today a poem i wrote this summer was published on metazen :)

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