March 25, 2011

my dreams are like giant muscular forearms squeezing your brain

i had a dream last night that a boy i dated for a month in high school (who i happened to see at a mask and wig party in columbia heights about a month ago) came back into my life. in my dream, he approached me at a free drawing class we were both attending and he never asked my name so i assumed he remembered me (i guess here's the part where i should say i approached him at the party irl and said hi and his name and he looked directly into my face and turned around and walked away, at which point i told the boy i was dancing with some dirty secrets about him like the gossipy little catholic school girl i was/am so i guess i was harboring some pretty deep-seated negative feelings about this boy when i had this dream.) in the dream, we were in an art class, and then the art class turned into my apartment, and then very quickly we were hooking up, at which point i discovered his penis was smaller than a baby bic lighter, which scared me into waking up. now, i've never seen his peen in real life, so i have to assume this to be true. dreamz are SO rad :)

imagine THAT.

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