December 15, 2011

gonna submit to this!!

from Stark's website:

The premiere issue of Stark is due out in 2012.
Stark will be an annual, art-quality production with black-and-white photos of the poets in addition to their poems. Each poet who submits to Stark does so with the understanding that, if selected, the poet will be asked to sit for a nude photography session with a professional photographer. One or more photos will be chosen by a committee of the editors, production manager, photographer, and the poet. Photographs will range from obscure–body parts, face only, back only–to full pose and must be agreed upon by all members of the selection committee. The photographer, artist Randy Lagana, is excited about this project being revived. Samples of his work can be seen at
For Stark, the editors seek a full representation of the range and diversity of contemporary poetry in style and subject matter. At the same time, we expect every issue to reflect our overall standards of literary excellence.

feeling good about this. maybe my naked body will be on the internet. seems real appropriate for the editor at UP. ras, you in? let's all do this.

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