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December 15, 2011

gonna submit to this!!

from Stark's website:

The premiere issue of Stark is due out in 2012.
Stark will be an annual, art-quality production with black-and-white photos of the poets in addition to their poems. Each poet who submits to Stark does so with the understanding that, if selected, the poet will be asked to sit for a nude photography session with a professional photographer. One or more photos will be chosen by a committee of the editors, production manager, photographer, and the poet. Photographs will range from obscure–body parts, face only, back only–to full pose and must be agreed upon by all members of the selection committee. The photographer, artist Randy Lagana, is excited about this project being revived. Samples of his work can be seen at
For Stark, the editors seek a full representation of the range and diversity of contemporary poetry in style and subject matter. At the same time, we expect every issue to reflect our overall standards of literary excellence.

feeling good about this. maybe my naked body will be on the internet. seems real appropriate for the editor at UP. ras, you in? let's all do this.

August 5, 2011

Here is an interview I conducted with myself regarding DOWN.

How was DOWN conceived?

Ras. Mashramani and I knew we wanted to start a site together.  The original plan, conceived by Ras., was a site for apocalyptic literature—ours, and others.  But after the rapture, and the advent of Mike Kitchell’s powerful chapbook Arrebato, this theme seemed overplayed.  We sat on it for a while, until one day Ras. asked me if I’d want to collaborate on an erotica site.  I said yes.  Sexuality seemed to run through our poetry, the poetry we’d already posted or submitted to sites like Let People Poems, New Wave Vomit and others.  One of the first things I noticed and admired about Ras.’s poetry was her easy handling of sexual themes and tones.  I can only assume she felt the same, or similarly, about my writing.

After the big decision had been made, we got to work on the details.  I was sitting on my friend’s couch one night when I came up with the name for the website—DOWN—which seemed good to me and to Ras. based on the diversity of things the word ‘down’ could refer to, both containing sexual connotations and not.  The capital letters added a little something special.  It wasn’t long before Jackson Nieuwland created the first ‘DOWN macros,’ which we’ve since used as promotion, that helped me really start to visualize the site.

What was your intention for the site?

Our aim is and always has been to create a good space for poetry that fits a certain niche that often gets overlooked or intentionally skipped over by ‘respectable’ poets and writers.  Poets haven’t been known to shy away from sexual or romantic themes, but at the same time, they’re rarely ‘allowed’ to be sexually explicit.  Bukowski did it, a lot of Spanish-speaking writers are doing it (see Chronos (Loves) Kairos or Tenían Veinte Años y Estaban Locos for examples.) Personally, I think sex, in all its forms, can be seen as poetic—whether it’s pretty or loving or just plain dirty.

How do erotic poems fit with your personal brand or lifestyle?

If you had told me six months ago that I would be spending the summer writing 30+ poems sweepingly categorized as ‘erotica,’ I would have laughed.  I mean, you probably could have convinced me, because it would have seemed like something I would be capable of doing.  But erotic poetry wasn’t on my radar then.  Writing poetry in general wasn’t really on my radar then.  ‘In real life’, I’m an MFA candidate and soon-to-be lecturer at the University of Maryland, and my concentration is fiction.  Six months ago, I would have told you I’d be spending my summer writing a novella (which I’ve also been doing).  Six months ago, I didn’t know who Steve Roggenbuck, Ana C, Blake Butler, Frank Hinton or even Ras. Mashramani were.  I would be lying if I said Tao Lin had been more than a blip on my radar.  My AWP experience in late January barely skirted things like the Lit Party.  I was only just hearing about the online lit scene from Shaun Gannon.  Now, I don’t think anything plays a larger part in my daily life.

As has been publicized, I’m not one to favor public displays of emotion.  Some might call this cold.  Some might see that as conducive to writing about love from a purely physical aspect.  Probably not too many DOWN readers would suspect me of being a romantic—when in reality, I’m one of those saps who runs around grinning and saying things like ‘I love love’ when I fall into it.

So why write it?

Plain and simple, erotica is fun to write.  Most—if not every—adult readers today can relate to these topics.  Overwhelmingly, my friends ‘in real life’ tell me how glad they are to have access to this, because I’m saying everything they wish they had the balls to talk about.  So yes, many people I know can relate—but only some have shown their approval for erotica as poetry.  I find that realistic, and fine with me.  I think some people probably see it as tacky, some don’t find it serious enough.  Some have—with both positive and negative intentions—referred to it as ‘poetry’s version of porn’.

As of right now, my name probably seems fairly synonymous with DOWN in the lit community.  Some lovely articles (by Beach Sloth, Lit Gossip) have even surfaced to this effect, and I appreciate and welcome this attention.  But it seems worth mentioning that erotic poetry is hardly the 'only kind' of writing I do.  Not only has poetry been generally less comfortable a medium for me than fiction, I’ve been working on fiction for far longer.  It feels doubtful to me that all of my subsequent projects will center around the same theme as DOWN.  It feels doubtful that all my future internet writing will even be poetry. So um, stay tuned!

What does the future hold for DOWN?

Ras. and I will continue posting until the first day of autumn, September 23.  At this point, we’ll open up a satellite lit mag (name forthcoming) geared toward submissions from any and all other writers.  A fair amount of interest in submitting has already been expressed, and we’re looking forward to this project when the time arrives.  Ras. and I also intend to create a print version of DOWN from our collective work.  But for now, we’ll just stick to making your summer a little bit hotter, as promised ;)

June 23, 2011

make it your #1 destination this summer.

cc cannon (that's me) and ras mashramani present DOWN, the cure for your summertime blues.

if you're feeling (insert adjective here), this is probably the site for you. content will be updated daily, so come back each day for a new chubby. our poetry, videos and macros are NSFW, guaranteed. the hotter it gets outside, the hotter we get in here :)

May 30, 2011

tinychat lief.

last night there was a party on ana c's tinychat after jacob steinberg's one-man ustream extravaganza (which i had to miss due to internet difficulties). luckily, my son invited me to the chat and my friend kelly and i joined in enthusiastically.

here are some things i learned on tinychat:

1. jacob steinberg has a lot to say about argentina, tao lin, internet poetry, scene lief, his exes... basically, JS has a lot to say. i like listening to his voice. i would probably listen to JS talk to himself for at least five hours straight, if he was interested in this kind of thing.

2. two internet relationships blossomed in ana c's tinychat last night. one between JS and david sorensen, who made it fb official, and one between spencer madsen and stacey teague, who are just plain cuties.

3. spencer madsen is a very sound sleeper and looks pretty great doing it.

4. everyone owns bandanas and can put them on at a moment's notice except my friend kelly. improvising with a napkin looks pretty cool but makes your face very hot and prevents you from making gang signs and in the long run just isn't very scene i guess.

5. jackson nieuwland's parents are really keut and his father is like also a talented poet or something.

6. stacey teague lives in the forest and plays on her laptop out there.

7. all new zealanders (kiwis?) are extremely tall and may be referred to as "giants," whereas ana c and i are the exact same height, which is short (5'3").

8. spencer is distraught that jacob is leaving new york. best friend love :(

9. a very young man named joe roberts is the best planker i've ever seen. (pics? screencaps?)

10. mike kitchell has the best hair. the best. hair. stealin' the show :)