March 21, 2012

can you be lonely 15 hours after you leave the person who makes you feel not lonely

things i've done in that time:
-watched jackson nieuwland's plane leave the gate at the airport
-left the airport
-pumped gas
-talked to my parents on 'speakerphone'
-drove back to dc
-picked up wine
-bought a top (will always feel like a bad top maybe)
-drove home
-chatted jacob steinberg
-walked to a coffee shop
-ordered/ate a vege sandwich, two iced mochas and some kind of pastry
-read some bad fiction
-chatted jackson nieuwland for ~5 min
-walked home
-turned the light on in my bed area, saw a bug 'scuttling' around inside of it, walked into my living area
-ate string cheese and milk while watching sex and the city's final episode
-didn't change the channel when that 70's show came on
-brushed my teeth
-got in bed
-did things online
-read some of 'i remember' by shane allison, real good
-turned out the lights
-turned them back on to check where jackson nieuwland's plane was on the flight map on
-turned out the lights
-fell asleep
-woke up ~5 hrs later
-peed (did this other times, this one seems notable i guess)
-saw it was foggy/cold
-thought of going back to sleep
-went on the internet instead
-wrote a blog post

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