June 5, 2011

come here, sexie.

ras mashramani and i will be getting u hot all summer. she has a preview here, but i say more is more. so she'll show u hers, i'll show u mine. if u were present for jonny & aurist's fantastic reading friday night, you've heard this already, but here it is in print:


i lick your balls
and your hairs get caught
between my teeth.
i am flossing with
your pubes.

they are long
and coarse.

i suck your dick
and feel pubes 
on your dick,
pubes in my mouth.
getting them off
my tongue
is so difficult
to remain sexy.

in the morning, i find
your hairs on my bed
and pull up the covers,
save them.

later, when i'm sitting
on a public toilet,
i run my index and middle fingers
the folds of my labia,
and find a pubic hair
you left there.

i hold it between my thumb and index finger,
pull it out straight
and watch it curl back
into itself.
i bring it up close
to my face
and watch it shimmer
gold and red.
i turn it upside-down
and study the white bulb
where it once connected to
your skin.

before i leave the bathroom, 
i tuck the hair into
my pocket.

i think about
where it has been,

a safer place
than a pocket
for keeping things

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