May 25, 2011

things i've learned from stalking awp photos.

i can see poet aliki barnstone's photos on facebook from the 2011 awp conference in washington, dc. this is what i've learned:

1. my professors, current and past, are (one) friends irl--which i guess i knew already--and (two) extra.

2. my friend & fellow mfa candidate eva is 'that customer'.

and 3. john estes is a hottie.

seriously, such a hottie.

so hot, i might just go out and buy his books. (hey, it worked for junot diaz at awp. well, that and he's 'talented' and 'inspiring' and 'sexual' or whatever.)

am i a stalker? yes. is it okay? yes. john waters taught me that my insanity is alright as long as i embrace it.

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